12 things about Christmas which are totally unimportant, because only one is truly important!

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We’ve really gotten inspired by Christmas songs that we keep playing over and over. One of the songs that inspired us enough to write an article is one you may know, it’s the 12 Days Of Christmas. The song is about a person getting gifts from his true love. 

In every verse, the person counts up to a total of 12 gifts, each gift is something else and at the end of the song he has a lot of various gifts such as partridge in a pear tree, two turtle doves or nine dancing ladies. Why did it inspire us? Simply because all the gifts are nice but unnecessary. There is only one important thing when it comes to Christmas.

That’s why we want to show you that Christmas is connected to many things that aren’t as important as we may believe. These things are:

1. General cleaning of the whole house top to bottom.

2. Baking several kinds of Christmas Sweets.

3. Going to church at any cost even if you’re not a believer.

4. Buying expensive gifts only because of the price.

5. Visiting family members only because it’s Christmas and you haven’t seen them all year.

6. Watching Christmas themed movies and fairy tales despite of the fact that you hate them.

7. Contributing to charity in spite of you never doing it throughout the year.

8. Buying a live tree at any cost.

9. Stressing yourself with preparing a perfect several course Christmas Dinner that people will eat in 10 minutes.

10. Singing Christmas carols even though you have no musical talent whatsoever.

11. Decorating your house with a thousand lights and decorations, (almost to the point of your house being visible from space)

12. Striving for perfection.

And now, can you guess what the most important thing really is? To enjoy the moments with the people you love!