4 basic tips to teach your baby to sleep better

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Putting your baby to sleep can prove really complicated. Maybe you’ve had those moments when the clocks shows just a few hours after midnight, your baby is crying and doesn’t want to sleep and you’re at a loss of what to try next.

Almost every parent has been in this situation once or twice (or maybe every night). Do you want to know what to do so these tiring scenes don’t repeat every night? Read on and discover a few tips to a happy sleeping baby.

A baby’s night cycle is different than that of any adult and especially newborns have a hard time distinguishing between day and night. It doesn’t matter that you’re awake and ready during the day, they can’t tell the difference.

There aren’t many strategies to use on a newborn’s sleeping pattern because little ones at this age sleep up to 18 hours a day. After this period passes and your baby needs a little less sleep, you can slowly start teaching your little angel the difference between daytime and slumber time.

We bring you a few basic tips to ease you and the baby into healthy sleeping habits:

4 basic sleeping tips:

1.    Use lighting to your advantage

Use the lights to show your child change between day and night time. Open the windows during the day, raise the blinds or turn on the lights, try to let as much light into your house as possible.

Don’t leave your baby in a dark rooms to show a connection between the dark and the night. Basically, keep baby’s days lit and the nights dark. Even if you have to get up night for a feeding, use a light dimmer, don’t switch on the lights fully. Your baby will soon grasp when the time for sleeping is.

2.    Put your baby to bed before they fall asleep

Does your baby look sleepy and drowsy? Perfect, this is the right moment to put them to bed. Babies who are able to fall asleep in their own bed have a higher chance at teaching themselves to perfectly calm down their body down and fall asleep on their own.

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3.    Don’t respond to baby’s crying immediately

Do you hear some noises through baby monitor? Don’t run to the crib immediately. Try to wait a minute and give your baby some time to fall asleep again. If you’d come and take the baby into your arms, it’s more likely that your little angel will wake up for a longer period more often.

4.    Don’t stay in touch with the baby for so long at night

Maybe it sounds a little strange but let us explain to you why it’s so important. As you know, babies are easily stimulated and any small impulse can engage their attention saying: “Hey, it’s time to play!”

So if you must go to your baby at night, avoid eye contact, touch or talking loudly. Try to talk softly and as little as possible.

Do you have your own tips? Share your experience with us and other mothers!