4 best dog breeds for families and children

Apps by Annie

Do you think about to buying for your children? As you maybe know, there are some dogs which could be best friends for your kids and there are also breeds great at keeping your house safe, searching for people in the mountains or in destroyed buildings.

Before you decide on a dog breed that will become a part of your family, check out the list of dog breeds best suited for families with children. Here they are:

1. Boxer

Country: Germany

Size: ♂: 57 – 63 cm, ♀: 53-59 cm

Weight: ♂: approx. 30 kg, ♀: approx. 25 kg

Boxer is a midsized dog originally from Germany living for about 12 years. It’s a happy, active, self-confident dog that can be a great friend for other dogs as well as for your children and family. Before you say “yes” to this breed, you must know that boxers require really good training.

If you let them grow without any attention, they might turn unreliable and aggressive. However, if you pay attention to good raining and discipline, you will have a best friend for yourself as well for your children.

2. Labrador Retriever

Country: United Kingdom

Size: ♂: 56 – 57 cm, ♀: 54-56 cm

Weight: 25-34 kg

Labrador retriever is one of the most popular dogs and my guess is you probably know a person or two who have this breed. Labradors are really calm, kind and friendly to children and to other dogs as well. Labrador retrievers, like other breeds, are addicted to personal contact with their family and with people on general.

That’s why we cannot recommend a lab as an outside dog. It doesn’t mean you have to hold him inside all the time and that they are not supposed to leave the house. It simply means that if they live permanently outside the house without frequent contact with their family, they get stressed. This dog isn’t very happy if he must live in kennel.

3. Golden Retriever

Country: United Kingdom

Size: ♂: 56 – 61 cm, ♀: 51 – 56 cm

Weight: 34-37 kg

Golden retriever is another dog that has become really famous throughout the world! The dog originally comes from United Kingdom and if you choose him you’ll gain a devoted friend who never lets you get in troubles. He is devoted to his owner as well as to other family members including your little ones.

Because he’s not an aggressive type (you would be hard pressed to see a fighting golden retriever), he’s a great assistant for the disabled and is used as a dog therapy assistant. Both of these jobs suggest he will also make a great assistant to your children

4. Newfoundland

Country: Canada

Size: ♂: 71 cm and more, ♀: 61 cm and more

Weight: ♂: 60-75 kg, ♀: 50-60 kg

Newfoundland is one of the bigger dogs you probably know. He is not as devoted as a Golden retriever and he needs a good and concentrated training. But if you train your Newfoundland very well, he will love the company of other dogs and animals as well as the company of you and your family.

He can also be very calm and patient. Your children must do a lot to make him upset. It’s hard to imagine he would want to hurt your little ones considering how laid-back his personality is.