6 photos that are better left unshared on social media!

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When you give birth to a little miracle, you probably want to remember as much as possible about their every move and milestone, and share it with the world. Thankfully we live in a world of cameras that can transform any moment into the perfect memory, and also in a world dominated by social media meaning your photo is accessible to anyone!

Snapping pictures and sharing them online has become natural for us but as parents, we should reconsider sharing the most intimate moments of our children’s lives with the whole world to see. We bring you a list of 6 suggested photos that should remain private or shared with only your loved ones to protect your little one from embarrassment or harm.

1. Bath time

Any picture that shows your child completely naked should not be posted for the public to see. Of course you think they are adorable at all times, but you never know who could get their hands on these lovely memories.

2. Sickness or injury

Children are sensitive and it is your job to protect them from harm, not cause it by exposing their weaknesses online.

3. On the potty

Any photo that could be potentially used for bullying later in life should probably stay in the family album.

4. Group pictures

Having friends over for your little one is great – of course you’re gonna take a lot of pictures. But ask parents of the children involved if they are okay with you posting their children online. Some parents may not wish to expose their children and you should respect that.

5. Private details

Never share any private details of your child’s life online – their full name, address, their school etc. Try to make sure these details are indecipherable from the photos you share.

6. Unsafe activities

You may find it funny to let your kid pose with a bottle of beer or a cigarette but sharing these snaps online opens space for potential problems that are best avoided by keeping these photos for your own enjoyment.

Generally, instead of posting them online, consider using a safer environment where you can control who sees the photos you post. Baby Journal by Annie is an ideal tool to use because you have the control over who you give access to the information about your children.

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