Baby Names: Everything you wanted to know about the names for your baby!

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Baby Names is one of the newest Apps by Annie apps. This baby of the family of Apps by Annie apps helps you to choose the right name for your newborn (or newborns). Thanks to Baby Names you can choose from the list of more than 46 000 names from all corners of the world. We summarized the 4 most important reasons for trying the app.

1. More than 46 000 names from all over the world

Thousands and thousands of names prepared for you and your partner. Enjoy the evenings and choose the right name for your baby. Choose from Egyptian, Dutch, English, Chinese or Celtic names and give your newborn the original name with a deep and unforgettable meaning.

2. Details about each name include origin, meaning and pronunciation

Have you chosen your favorite names? Perfect! Find their origin, meaning and right pronunciation and dazzle your friends and family members with a beautiful and original name. Select the name for which you know the origin, meaning and pronunciation.

3. You can star your favorites!

Are you going through thousands of names? Do you know right now that you have already fallen madly in love with some names? Star them and save them in your list. Later you can choose from the list and discuss with your partner the right one for your baby.

4. Choose the names by their origins

Are you interested in the names coming from European countries? Or do you prefer to choose Asian or African names? No problem, you can choose from tens of origin categories. Check the Bosnian, Cambodian, Greek, Hebrew or Hindu names.

Did you choose the name for your baby thanks to the Baby Names app? Tell us in the comments!

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