Banned baby names around the world: Do you know them?

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What you may not know it that there are names around the world that are totally acceptable somewhere and forbidden somewhere else. Are you interested in knowing what they are? Read the article about typical baby names that are banned around the world:

Before you check the list of the banned baby names, let’s read a few interesting facts about why they are forbidden in the countries around the world. The reasons are various and one is stranger than the other. In Germany, for example, it’s banned to use the names which are not gender specific. That’s why it’s totally impossible to name your baby Anderson, Taylor, Tobys etc.

In Malaysia, on the other hand, you cannot name your baby using the name of animals, trees, fruits or vegetables. Do you live in Iceland and want to name your daughter Carolina or Catherine? You can forget about that! The letter C doesn’t exist in the Icelandic alphabet.

In Saudi Arabia you can have a problem with names such as Alice, Sandy or Linda (and with many other names) because they’re not originally Islamic or Arabic.

In Portugal, you can use the names which are not originally Portuguese, but you cannot use the short variant of these names. That’s why it’s totally acceptable if is your son’s name is Thomas (in Portuguese version Tomás) but it’s banned to named him Tom (but unofficially – you can call him whatever you want, of course!).

Read the list of chosen banned names around the world which are normally used in other countries: