Young Child Feeding Horse on Farm

Hippotherapy: how can it help your baby?

Does your baby have a problem with movement? Or with central nervous system? Except for known standard therapies there are several others which are unknown to the general public. One of these is hippotherapy. To using horses as the main objects to help your baby stimulate muscle involvement. Are you interested in this topic? Read more about how it works. […]

Pet Monitor by Annie - Watch Dog & Cat via Camera

Hi, I’m Pet Monitor by Annie: Nice to meet you!

Hi, I’m Pet Monitor. I’m the clever assistant for those of you who would like to watch their pets even if they are not at home with them. I can help you with care for your little puppies, kitties or other pets. Don’t worry, I’m as reliable as it gets. Here are five other characteristics which I have and which can help you a lot: […]

Unsafe foods for dogs

Unsafe foods for dogs: What treats should you avoid?

There are some foods which you can enjoy with your dog, letting him eat a bite once in a while. But there are certain foods you should avoid feeding your dog at all costs. Most of us have heard that chocolate is dog poison and we should never give our furry friends chocolate human sweets. But what about other foods, foods that seem harmless? Let’s find out! […]

Teaching your dog to be home alone

Teaching your dog to be home alone: 3 useful tips

Christina bought an eight week old puppy of a Labrador retriever. She stayed at home with her new pet friend for a week but after that time she had to return to work. And that’s proving to be a bigger problem than she anticipated. She cannot stay at home longer and no one else can help her. What should she do now? How do you teach your dog to be home alone? […]

Child lovingly embraces his pet dog, a blue heeler

Pets: Interesting facts from the animal world

Central and South America is home to the most pets and the least number of pets can be found in Asia. When men want pets, they are more likely to pick out a fish than women are. Birds are the most beloved pets in Turkey, whilst in Russia and France, dogs and cats are preferred. Do you want to know more? Take a look with us at some interesting facts from the life of pets. […]