Christmas And New Year Holiday Table

The Christmas Eve: The origin of customs and traditions

We definitely love Christmas and like most people, we cherish the holidays as a perfect reminder to spend time with friends and family and enjoy customs and traditions that bring us back to the old days! But have you ever thought about the history of these traditions? Let’s read about how the most important customs began.  […]

Christmas Gifts

Celebrating Christmas around the world: Czech Republic, Ghana or Japan

American, or better called Western traditions, are well known all around the world from Christmas themed movies such as Home Alone and Love actually. We all know that Santa Claus brings the presents, we remember seeing the kids run down on Christmas Morning ready to open the presents and look into the stockings they put up above the fireplace. […]

The Generations: Baby Boomers, Millennials, Generation X, Generation Z and more

The generations: Do you know who the Baby Boomers or Millennials are?

Maybe you heard about Generation X, Generation Y or the Millennials. And maybe you’re that part of population who doesn’t care about the names of the generations or about the characteristics of one or the other. But … we find the characteristics very interesting and we found a lot of our qualities within these generational characteristics. Read who is who and see for yourself if you possess any of said features. […]