Do you love animals? You’ll definitely love these 3 unique animal cafes as well!

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You probably know the situation – boy meets girl and falls in love, looking for ways to impress her. He invites her on date and she says: “Yes!”. And then … where do they go? 

Is it better to go to a restaurant? To the cinema? To a theater? Or what if she prefers to go get coffee to watching movies? It’s a lot of questions, and no one can say which date place is the best and super romantic. Don’t worry, in case your new love is a big pet lover, we have an awesome first date idea for you.

If you choose one of these 3 unique animal café’s from around the world, her heart might just skip a beat. It might turn out to be the love of a lifetime, so don’t wait and choose one of these awesome places:

The rabbit café: USAGI-TO-CAFÉ (Nagoya, Japan)

The word “usagi” means rabbit in Japanese. Yes, Usagi-To-Cafe is one of the first rabbit themed cafes in Japan (and also around the world). Because rabbits are smaller and more tender than dogs or cats are, the daily routine here is little bit different then in cat and dog places.

In this café which is situated close to the Nagoya’s city center, you’d find a petting room as well as the usual tables, sofas and chairs. You can spend the time with bunnies and rabbits in there. For half an hour of this special petting therapy you’ll pay 1300 yens (about 13 $).

Apart from spending beautiful moments with the small bushy bunnies, you can order some delicious desserts, a curry rice or rice omelet. Everything is – of course – bunny themed.

The alpaca café: OIA CAFE (Taipei, Taiwan)

Besides a cat café, a dog café or – as you can see above – the rabbit café, somewhere in the world is a café where you can spend your time with the cutest alpacas (do you know what an alpaca looks like and why it’s not a same animal as a llama? Read the article in Modern Farmer magazine right now).

The small herd of alpacas spend their days freely walking through the Oia Cafe or the local garden and – according to all the Instagram profiles of the cafes and the enthusiastic visitors – taking pictures with the people. For these lovely pictures you can pay them with a carrot or by the special food prepared by the staff just for alpacas. For a “people’s” lunch, you’ll pay around NT$280 and NT$520.

PS: Be careful! The alpacas love chewing everything including your clothes. That’s why we recommend not to take your favorite party outfit.

The owl café: FUKURO NO MISE Café (Tokyo, Japan)

Yeah, your eyes are not playing tricks on you, the owl café really does exist. This amazing place for all who want to meet these dark night creatures (who are actually too cute!) is situated in the capital city of Japan – Tokyo. And while many shops, restaurants and others places were wrecked in the past, the Fukuro No Mise Café still prospers.

It’s not unusual for a long queue to form in front of the building that houses the owl café because it is so popular with the locals as well as tourists. The café is very tiny and very popular and that’s why they don’t accept reservations and the visit is limited in time. It’s necessary to wait in line and to pay the entrance directly (2000 yen per person). Then a staff tells you the date or the hour of when you can visit the place.

After you first enter the owls’ kingdom, you see many birds of various sizes (from a little tawny owl to one of the biggest owls ever – a horned owl). After a 10 minute long tutorial about how to behave there, you can finally sit, order some kind of drink and watch and fondle some of the cute owls there.

Good news for the visitors is that almost all the drinks are included in the charge you have already paid before (except for wine which you can buy for an additional 200 yens).