Establishing a bedtime routine: 5 steps to make it easier for your baby

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Humans are creatures of habit. Habits and rituals are the things that make our days easier so we can focus on the really important things. Creating a daily routine not only for your child, but also for yourself creates a bond unlike any other. 

The routine you set up for your family give your days meaning and give your children something to look forward to. As significant as a daily routine may be, having a bedtime ritual seems even more important. Teaching babies the power of a bedtime ritual will tell them when the time for sleep is right and make it easier for you to put them to sleep. But how do you establish a ritual that will work for you and your little one?

Let’s take a look at a few tips from recent mothers that may prove helpful for you as well!

Start out slow and don’t stress if it doesn’t happen quickly enough. Ease your baby into the night time ritual over a month or two, introduce new things you would like to incorporate and watch closely what works and what doesn’t.

Keep a sleeping log to help establish sleeping patterns of your child. Knowing when your little one usually drowses off and when they fall asleep for the longest stretch of the night will prove very helpful when establishing your bedtime ritual.

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Bathing and massaging has proven very effective in preparing the baby for sweet slumber. Drawing a soothing bath with calming scents is a very powerful way how to calm your baby and at the same time bond with your bundle of joy. Drying up and massaging is a cherry on top in your relationship.

Abbreviate the routine during the day if you feel you don’t have as much time on your hands. Take advantage of the sleep cues your baby knows and incorporate them into the before-nap pattern. It doesn’t have to be as long, but if you only do a part of it, your baby will be ready for sleep in no time.

Use white noise (for example our Relax Melodies app) to ease the transition for the baby. When you were pregnant, the baby heard everything. The womb was a vacuum of sounds, even your heartbeat. White noise is a constant reminder for the baby that everything is safe and you are near to take care of everything.

What other tips do you have for mothers out there if they want to establish a bedtime routine for their baby?