Hi, I’m Pet Monitor by Annie: Nice to meet you!

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Hi, I’m Pet Monitor. I’m the clever assistant for those of you who would like to watch their pets even if they are not at home with them. I can help you with care for your little puppies, kitties or other pets. Don’t worry, I’m as reliable as it gets. Here are five other characteristics which I have and which can help you a lot:

1. More than one pet, more than one owner

Do you live with your family or with your partner? If so, it means your household has more than one member, right? Don’t worry, with Pet Monitor by Annie all household members and also other family members can watch what your pet does in that moment. And that’s not all. Even if you have more than one pet, it’s not an obstacle. With Pet Monitor you can watch 4 pets simultaneously.

2. Are you at a business trip and your pet stays at home? No problem!

We know you love your pet so much and want to spend as much time with it. But we know there are moments when you can’t be with it as well. Don’t worry. If you’re not at home, it doesn’t mean you cannot stay in touch with your pet friends. With Pet Monitor by Annie you always have two devices – yours (usually your mobile phone) and homelike one. These devices are connected via WiFi, 3G or LTE. It means you can see what your dog or cat is doing at home every moment of the day.

3. To see them instead of only hearing them

Do you want to see your pets? Of course you do! With Pet Monitor by Annie it’s not a problem anymore. Thanks to full screen video you can see your pet anywhere, anytime.

4. Do your dog or cat love your voice? Talk to them!

If your pet reacts to your voice very well, just talk to them. If they are barking or meowing very loudly, you can warn them to stop it. Your neighbors will love you more than before.

5. Battery alert? Yes, please

Everybody knows the annoying moment when your mobile sends you the warning signal: “Hey, I’m almost gone!” If you’re watching your pets as they are playing together, it’s twice as annoying. Thanks Pet Monitor by Annie you stay informed about battery status and the moment will never happen again.