Hi, I’m Senior Monitor by Annie: Nice to meet you!

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Hi, I’m Senior Monitor by Annie. I’m the mobile application which helps you to take care of your old parents or other members of your family. Let’s read about what I can do for you.

Of course you know what a baby monitor for mobile phones (for example our Baby Monitor by Annie) does. Yes, the monitoring via 3G or WiFi. We took the best of mobile baby monitors and used it to help you with the guarding of your elder family members.

Here is the list of what Senior Monitor by Annie can do for you:

One Family Account for all your family members

Do you have old parents you’re afraid about? Try Senior Monitor by Annie if you want to keep an eye on them at all times. In case you have a sister, a brother or both, we think you’ll really appreciate our downloading system. You only download the app once and you gain access for all of your family members! The Family Account is for all of you.

Not only sound but also video

Imagine you’re calling your old mother and suddenly … there’s a loud bang. And then nothing, just silence. In that moment you know something really wrong happened but you don’t know what it was. You’re calling an ambulance and you’re rushing to your mother’s house. Thanks to Senior Monitor by Annie, you know exactly what happened there because you see it through the camera.

Monitoring more than one person? No problem!

Do your mother and father live separately? No problem, thanks to Senior Monitor by Annie you can watch both at the same time. This also works if you have other older relatives, perhaps an old auntie or uncle. Thanks to the app you can watch up to four people simultaneously.

Battery alert system

Do you just hate when you’re in the middle of your conversation with your parents and your phone battery dies? This won’t happen with Senior Monitor by Annie, we can promise you that. Thanks to battery alert system you know immediately that your battery is low and you need to plug in your charger.

Security? Of course

All communication between you and your elder family members is perfectly secured and encrypted. No one who isn’t part of your Family Account can access your communication.

Do you want to try it? You can do that right here: