Hippotherapy: how can it help your baby?

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Does your baby have a problem with movement? Or with central nervous system? Except for known standard therapies there are several others which are unknown to the general public. One of these is hippotherapy. To using horses as the main objects to help your baby stimulate muscle involvement. Are you interested in this topic? Read more about how it works.

What is horse rehabilitation?

Hippotherapy is one of the several physiotherapeutic methods. This method uses the regularity of the horseback movement as the main aid for those babies who have a neurodevelopmental delay. The great thing is that this method is highly suitable for babies as young as 2 or 3 months of age.

Most often the horse rehabilitation is used as a part of complex rehabilitation together with the famous Vojta method or other rehabilitation methods which stimulate and activate the movement patterns.

How can it help your baby?

Problems with central nervous system are caused by the malfunction of some neural pathways. If your baby has problems with the central nervous system, with coordination or movement, hippotherapy is a great way how to help him.

These troubles primarily affect babies of mothers whose birth was complicated in a certain way. Central nervous system problems may also accompany those babies who came into the world much earlier than was expected.

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How can hippotherapy help your baby? It’s easy. With exaggeration, the horseback is a special type of a warm 3D balance pad and the moving compels the babies to make special motions.

This special motion mainly stimulates muscle involvement. Moreover, the presence of the horse, a live animal, is so interesting that it’s an irresistible fun for your baby.

Positive effects of the hippotherapy

Hippotherapy can help you with:

  • Standardization of the muscle tension

  • Standardization of the muscle imbalance

  • Mobilization of the joints

  • Improvement of balance

  • Improvement of the moving symmetry

  • Improvement of walking coordination

  • Activation of core stabilization system

What to do before the therapy?

Before the first hippotherapy lesson, your baby must complete all the needed physical examination. Based on the results of this physical, your therapist designates the length and intensity of the hippotherapy and its process. He also determines the position of your baby on the horseback and he says which horse will be the best for the therapy.

What to expect during the therapy?

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you the details of your therapy. All of it is catered specifically to the individual. The person who decides about the process of the hippotherapy is the therapist alone. He also changes the intensity, the pace or the positon of your baby. Everything depends on the current state of your baby.