How to keep your home safe with Home Security Monitor?

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Few weeks ago we developed a new mobile application called Home Security Monitor. Thanks our developers it has become the next Apps by Annie app (besides Baby Monitor, Pet Monitor, Senior Monitor, Relax Melodies or Baby Names). Maybe you know about it already, maybe you haven’t heard the news just yet. If you didn’t, let us tell you 7 big advantages of security monitoring with Home Security Monitor:

1.    It’s a mobile app and you have your mobile with you every day

Try to say three things you always have with you. We are almost sure a cell phone is one of the first things that come to your mind. If you buy a standalone monitor for security monitoring, every time you leave your home, you have to take an extra monitoring machine with you. That’s not very comfortable, is it? On the other hand, if you download Home Security Monitor to your cell phone, this annoying problem disappears very quickly.

2.    You can see who’s inside immediately

The Home Security Monitor application notifies you that someone is in the area which you’re monitoring. It works as a classic alarm on your cell phone. When you pick up the phone, you immediately see who’s inside and you can call the police instantly.

3.    You can share the app with other people

The responsibility is big when you want to keep your house safe, isn’t it? Do you also think it’s better to share the burden with your loved ones? Thanks to the Family Account you can share the responsibility with your wife, adult children or other relatives. In addition, you only pay once for all the family members.

4.    It’s the cheapest protection of your home

Do you know how much it costs to buy a standalone monitor or cameras for the monitoring of your home? Thanks to Home Security Monitor it only costs $3.99. For one price you buy the Family Account for all your family members. Included in the price is also the opportunity to watch four places simultaneously.

5.    It’s easy-to-use, you will set it up in less than a few minutes

We have tried to set up the Home Security Monitor in our office (as a little contest between colleagues). It takes less than 3 minutes to generate the QR code and to set up the devices. Don’t worry, it’s really easy.

6.    The improving of Home Security Monitor is a never-ending story

Do you want to make sure you have all the records saved and available at a moment’s notice? Yeah, we can do it! Our team of professionals is constantly developing new features for Home Security Monitor. In a few months the new features of saving records of past monitorings to the cloud will be available.

7.    Home Security Monitor is now available in 7 languages

Do you want more? What about having the Monitor in your mother language? If you are a Spanish, French, German, Swedish, Russian or Dutch native speaker, we have great news for you! Home Security Monitor is now available in these seven languages. In addition, we will translate the app to more languages very soon.

If you are interested in how good it works, you can try Home Security Monitor right here:

♥ Home Security Monitor for Android ♥ Home Security Monitor for iOS