Is it the right time to start potty training?

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The transition from diapers to a potty or a toilet is a major milestone in your and your child’s life. It is one of the biggest challenges for all parents and kids out there and there is no right and wrong when it comes to approaching something as individual as potty training.

Before you start trying to use the potty, the important question you have to ask yourself is ‘Is my baby ready for potty training?’

There is no right age to determine whether your child is ready to start wearing less diapers and spend more time on the toilet. Some parents may find that their two-year old is obsessed with sitting on the toilet during the day, while other parents may have a 4 year old who still needs to use the diaper now and then. It all hinges on the physical and emotional readiness of every child alone and there is no point in rushing anything.

We’ve put together a few points that may show you if it might be time to consider starting training on the potty:

  • your child shows interest in the potty, toilet or wearing underwear without a diaper
  • he or she can convey to you either in words, facial expressions or other gestures the need to go to the bathroom
  • your little one can follow and understand directions well
  • your child has no problem staying dry for longer periods of time usually up to two or three hours
  • your child can pull down their pants, manage to sit for a certain time and then pull the pants up again
  • shows other behavioral signs such as wanting more independence and taking pride in their own accomplishments, reacting well to praise

Remember that all children develop at different levels and the best you can do is give them the time and place to develop at their own pace. Parsing and loving your children to the best of your ability is the best starting place for any milestones your child will need to surpass. And as always, if you have any concerns, always consult a licenced physician first – the health of your baby always comes first.