Music and your baby: 4 questions and answers

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Jack Kerouac says: “The only truth is music.” We say: “Absolutely!” Music plays an important role in our daily lives and we cannot imagine to be without it. If you’re a mother to a newborn, maybe you’re thinking right now about which music can make your baby happier or smarter. We have some questions and answers about babies and music for you.

Will my baby be smarter and happier thanks to music?

The answer is: “Nobody knows for sure!” The experts say that music has some positive influence on your baby but nobody can measure how big the influence actually is. Despite this fact, there are many benefits that listening to music with your baby can bring to both of you.

Which specific benefits does listening to music have for babies?

Mothers have been singing songs to their babies for hundreds of years and the right kind of music can soothe and stimulate any babies, that’s a fact. Your baby also feels you’re with him when he listens to your singing. That builds a relationship between you and your little one. But what are the other benefits?

Music supports creativity. According to a Hungarian research, 3 – 4 year olds kids who have had singing lessons are more creative than the kids who haven’t had any.

Music supports memory. According to the latest scientific knowledge, music helps babies remember things and situations.

Music supports spatial intelligence. Spatial intelligence means the ability to perceive objects in the visual world. Californian scientists have carried out an experiment and they have found that music helps children to remember important things in their lives.

Music helps with improving mathematical skills. Does it sound like nonsense? It shouldn’t! Children who listened to music are more progressive in math.

Music helps with language. Music and language development have a lot of similarities. Both require the ability to differentiate sounds. That means listening to music helps develop auditory data and help with recognizing sounds within a language.

Music supports the growth of emotional intelligence. Yes, that’s it. Many emotions are connected with the songs you listen to. Thanks to music babies improve their ability to detect emotions.

What’s the Mozart effect?

Some people (including a few experts) believe that listening to specific kinds of music can improve specific functions of your baby’s brain. In 1993, Frances Rauscher, a psychologist, promoted the theory about the Mozart effect. The theory says the listening to classical music can improve mental functions of your baby. Despite of lot of tests which have tried to find the evidence, the theory still is not valid.

Which type of music is the best for your baby?

That’s the question! As every person is unique, so is every child. That means the best type of music varies from person to person and from baby to baby. Play music you like and discover what your baby loves too. It’s the easiest way how to find what is best for him. You can also try our Relax Melodies app where you can find lots of various melodies created by our colleague with autism:

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