Relax Melodies: Best choice for your sleeping!

Apps by Annie

Apart from Baby Names app, we would like to introduce you to a second new app developed by the team of Apps by Annie. The name of this new app is Relax Melodies and it was developed mainly to help you and your little baby relax to the sounds of nature or beautiful Celtic rhythms. Read about the 4 biggest advantages of our new app.

1. Select one or more relax melodies which help you keep yourself and your baby calm

Do you love falling asleep to the sounds of the forest, cats purring, Chinese stress balls or Celtic melodies? Perfect! I think you have found the right app now! Relax Melodies helps you and your baby fall asleep better and quicker. Simply download the app, open the noise you love, close your eyes and get transported into a relaxed state.

2. The best for your baby!

Babies love various noises and we found which ones they are. In case you have some troubles with getting your baby to fall asleep, try to play him or her the carefully selected noises from Relax Melodies. We asked a few people with autism to choose the best sounds.. Are you asking why? Their perception of noise and sound is completely different from ours. That’s why they are able to choose the best relaxing melodies for you and your baby.

3. Become a DJ! You can combine the sounds of whatever you want

You know yourself and your baby the best. You know which sounds you love and which noises are the best for falling asleep. It doesn’t matter if it’s not the only one. Thanks to Relax Melodies, you can combine the sounds as a real DJ!

4. Set up the soothing wallpapers and sound timer

The serenity is not only the product of listening to noises and sounds. The enjoyment is the combination of sound and visual perception. That’s why we prepared something for your eyes too! Change the wallpapers in the app and choose from various relaxing pictures.

Do you have experience with Relax Melodies sounds? Tell us in the comments! Do you want to try it? Here is it:

♫ Relax Melodies – Sleep Zen Sounds & White Noise