September was Baby Safety Month!

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Did you know that September was Baby Safety Month? What does it mean? Let’s read the details about Baby Safety Month history, meaning and this year’s theme.

The concept of Baby Safety Month started  on September 9, 1983 when Juvenile Products Manufactures Association (JPMA) initiated Expectant Mother’s Day. The day was focused on sharing interesting, offbeat and unknown facts about pregnancy and also used to educate parents about baby safety topics.

The Expectant Mother’s Day a substitute for Baby Safety Week in 1988. The official face of the Week was Jayne Kennedy Overton, the American television personality, actress, model, producer and writer. She is also known as the first African American woman who won the Miss Ohio contest in 1970.

In 1991 the Baby Safety Week expanded and officially became a month-long celebration. It was renamed to Baby Safety Awareness Month. In 1994 the name was shortened to Baby Safety Month and retailers paid attention to inform their clients about how to keep their babies safe (better).

In the next few years the tradition of Baby Safety Month continued. In addition, the Months had a specific themes connected with the safety and awareness field such as “A Room with a View”, “Making Baby Safer, Room by Room” or “Green is the New Pink and Blue” (focused on sustainable living and green alternatives).

You may find yourself asking what the theme for this year celebration is? In 2016 it’s the “Baby Safety Right Out of the Box” topic. What does it mean? The celebration is focused on baby’s product registration as the only way how to know if the product is safe for your baby.

This year topic: Baby Safety Right Out of the Box

How does it work? You buy any product for your little angel. After the post delivers your product and you open the box for the first time, there is the small registration card demanding you to register the product to the database of the retailer (or the developer).

Almost everyone throws the card away without paying attention to what’s written there. Try not to the next time you see one! If you use the opportunity and register your product, you will know from first hand when the product become dangerous, whatever the reason may be. It’s perfect, isn’t it?

Here are more advantages of product registration:

  • Thanks to registration of the product parents can directly communicate with the retailer.
  • Thanks to registration parents immediately know about every problem with the product.
  • The retailer can give them more information about how to solve the problem.

Still don’t believe some products could be really dangerous and you might not even know about it?

Read the infographic about the most dangerous forbidden toys. Maybe you has those when you were a child yourself!