Showing respect for your elders? These countries have really walked the walk!

Apps by Annie


It’s the third Monday in September and just like every year, the Japanese celebrate Respect for the Aged Day. As the name suggests, the main goal of this day is to show respect to seniors whose numbers have rocketed in the last couple of years.

On this day, people stay at home, visit their relatives and present them with small gifts. Seniors without any children or family get visits from local volunteers with lunch packets. In some smaller villages children prepare dances or carry out plays for them. Tell us, doesn’t this day sound like so much fun?

And that’s not all! Do your parents or grandparents own a pet? And have you given any thought to what will become of their furry friend when they can no longer take care of it? Japan has mastered this problem as well. Pet owners can place their pets into a special nursing home with certified staff and when they feel lonely, they can visit their cat or dog or even see it with a Pet Monitor.


If you live in Spain, you may know that some cities offer a nonstop caring service to the elderly. If this is the case, your relative will get a necklace to carry around all the time.

If something were to happen, for example if he fell in the shower, all he needs to do is press the button on the necklace. The button activates an alarm and a specially trained team of medical professionals is by his side in a matter of minutes.

This team also has keys to the house and can comfortably get anywhere. If you’ve got a monitor set up at that time to monitor you mom or dad (e.g. Senior Monitor), you can clearly see the help they are getting and if they are alright.


Honour thy mother and thy father is not just an empty slogan in China. It’s rather the complete opposite. There is a law about it! Chinese elders can sue their own adult children and demand financial and emotional support or regular visits.

China isn’t the only country to enact a law about respecting one’s parents. The same rule also applies in India, France or Ukraine. And if you don’t abide by this law in Singapure, you can get up to 6 months in prison.

What is like in your country? How do you show respect for your elders? Write to us and inspire others to act with respect as well!