Supermom: How to deal with all your tasks and stay alive

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We believe there are a lot of moments in your life as a mom when you ask yourself how to do all the tasks quicker. We have some super tips for you from time management theory! Read these basic 4 piece advice on how to organize your time quickly and easily:


Are all the tasks that you do of the same importance? They don’t all have the same priority, do they? We know this for a fact and it’s time to make sure you do as well. The key to good organization is knowing what to do first and what to do next (= what’s more important and what’s less important).

Tip: Do a to-do list with three categories – “the things I need to do today”, “the things I need to do this week” and “the long term tasks”. It’s a good idea to not have many tasks with the highest priority (1) – it doesn’t make sense! You must decide what is really urgent and what can wait. If all your tasks have the priority number 1, what is priority number 2? That’s why you must decide and prioritize.

Organize and put everything in its place

Do you have some box with all your documents, contracts, warranty cards etc.? And do you also have the same box for your family members? Perfect! But, in all honesty, how fast you can find something there?  Probably nothing to boast about. So what should you do? Organize the documents in the boxes.

Tip1: Buy a lot of paper folders and sort all the documents. Earmark the folder for all your kids, for your husband, for the contracts, car documents etc. Name all the folders carefully. You can even alphabetize them afterwards.

Tip2: Generally, put everything in its place and remember where it is. People spend a lot of time looking for things. But if you put all the things in its place, you’re saving yourself precious time for something really pleasant – a beautiful family picnic, for example.

Think a few steps ahead

Live life like there is no tomorrow. Do you know the sentence? It was a motto of the whole hippie’s era. But those days are gone and we must live today and tomorrow too. Do you know what it means? It means to plan ahead. Nobody wants you to have a daily plan for the next few months. But life will be much more easier if you will have a plan for next few hours / days.

Tip: Imagine the plan for tomorrow. Do you know what you’re going to do? Try to think exactly step by step about tomorrow’s schedule. What will be the first and what the next thing? Do a plan for the whole day. And don’t forget to take into account unexpected situation / tasks that may come up.

Choose your tasks carefully, say: “I need a help!” … and give out jobs to everyone

Are you sure it’s necessary to do everything alone? You don’t have to take the kids to school, take the car to the service, go grocery shopping and when you get home from all this walk the dog around the block. Of course you want to be a supermom, but you can’t be there 100 % for your kids if you’re exhausted all the time.

Tip: Think about what you will do tomorrow again. Are there some kinds of tasks which someone else can do ? Perfect, delegate it! The dog walking can be the task for your kids and your husband can take the car to the service. And you will have more time for the things which are just your business.

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