Taking your kids to the cinema: 5 important questions and answers

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Do you love movies? We do! That’s why we answered basics questions about taking your kids to the cinema. 

1. When’s the right time to take your offspring to the cinema?

Before we start … let’s try to find the answer to the following question: “When is the right time to take your little son or daughter to the cinema?” There’s not an universally accepted age because some babies are mature enough sooner and others are not ready even later. Generally, mothers say the best time is around 2 or 3 years of age.

2. Why is it useful to play movies to your kids?

If we skip over the fact that simply watching movies is so much fun, it’s useful because it’s great family-friendly entertainment. Your children can discover joke, new words or even some new catchy songs from the latest Disney movie. It’s a great opportunity to convey ideas and thoughts of your baby.

3. Which movies should you play to your kids?

It’s easy. Not too long! The concentration of your baby is different than yours and what might mean short for you doesn’t mean short for your baby. Also, don’t choose movies which can be scary or sad for your baby. Kids at the age of 2 or 3 believe everything they see and it’s hard for them to know that the movie is not reality.

4. Which seats to choose?

Best advice: choose the seats near the aisle. Also, it’s better to take your kid to the cinema at a weekday and not during the weekend when there is lot of people. In case you can go to the cinema only during the weekend, try to go there in the morning or afternoon, not in the evening.

5. What to do after watching the movie?

Maybe it sounds as a weird question but your kid will have a lot of thoughts you might have to address. At just 5, he may not be able to discern a real death from the movie one. Or he didn’t understand the hassles or the screams. You’re his parent and it’s up to you to answer all the questions.

Do you have some other question? Or do you have some advice about taking your kids to the cinema? Leave a comment!