Teaching your dog to be home alone: 3 useful tips

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Christina bought an eight week old puppy of a Labrador retriever. She stayed at home with her new pet friend for a week but after that time she had to return to work. And that’s proving to be a bigger problem than she anticipated. She cannot stay at home longer and no one else can help her. What should she do now? How do you teach your dog to be home alone?

Here are a few tips how to be successful with it:

Teach your puppy the meaning of the word ‘bed’

Dogs’ hearing is different than ours, it’s evident. Your dog cannot understand  words at all but it totally understands the voice as a whole and the tone of your voice too. Your task is to create the connection between the word bed and the bed as a place in the mind of your dog. It must understand that if you use the word bed, it means to go to its bed.

How to do it?

Point your finger to its bed and say: “Bed.” If your dog doesn’t understand your instructions, show it carefully (for example spur it physically).

If it is in the bed, pet him or give it dainty.

Repeat it very often. If you repeat it long enough, you’ll create a connection in younr dog’s mind between the bed and the positive experience of a treat or affection. Next time when you tell it to go to its bed, it will think something very positive happened and it will go by itself.

Teach your puppy to lie in its bed in certain situations

Do you love your bed? Of course you do! And it’s necessary to teach your dog to love its bed as well because it spends a lot of time there. It’s a place your dog has to have a positive relationship and a good attitude towards laying, sleeping or simply obeying an order to stay there.

How to do it?

Send your dog to its bed 10 – 20 times per day.

When your dog is lying in its bed, pet it and give it affection and appraisal.

Also pet your puppy when it’s lying in its bed by itself.

Send your dog to its bed when you’re watching TV, listening to the radio or reading a book.

Teach the puppy to stay in its bed  for a longer period of time

Do you say the magical word bed and your puppy obeys the instructions? Great! Now to get to step two in our small manual. You must teach the dog to stay in its bed longer than a few seconds.

How to do it?

Send your puppy to its bed.

When it lies in its bed, leave the room for a few seconds.

Come back after a few seconds. If your dog is still lying in its bed, pet him or give him some treat. If not, send it to its bed again and repeat leaving the room.

Extend the time when you’re not in the same room with your puppy.

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