The generations: Do you know who the Baby Boomers or Millennials are?

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Maybe you heard about Generation X, Generation Y or the Millennials. And maybe you’re that part of population who doesn’t care about the names of the generations or about the characteristics of one or the other. But … we find the characteristics very interesting and we found a lot of our qualities within these generational characteristics. Read who is who and see for yourself if you possess any of said features.

The Greatest Generation (The Silent Generation)

The term Greatest Generation (or the Silent Generation) was first used by journalist Tom Brokaw. He used these words to talk about the generation that grew up in the United States during the Great Depression period and who experienced World War II.

Born and raised in these sad and restless times, the people were often seen as personally responsible for their lives, honorable, frugal, humble, loyal and hard working. The important part of their lives was also faith, the faith in God and also the faith that the future was going to be better.

The Baby Boomers

The next generation is called the Baby Boomers. These people were born between 1946 and 1964, which means after World War II. Baby Boomers were people raised in safety from war and economic prosperity.

Right now, “Boomers” are the oldest generation group which’s still active in the labor market. Very often they occupy the senior positions, they’re top managers or the directors with decades of working experience. They are as hard working as their parents were. The job is the highest value for them and they evaluate themselves through the prism of their work successes. They work a lot and they expect the same from the people around them.

People from the Boomers generation don’t like changes and they are not very good at working with modern technologies. If it’s necessary to work with modern technology, they need detailed instructions.

Generation X

The Generation X are the people who were born between 1965 and 1980. Compared to the Baby Boomers generation these people lived in economic and political uncertainty. People of the Generation X are the first whose mothers had to work. Generally, the mothers are economically active, the same as their husbands.

Members of Generation X are also hard working. They prefer to work independently more than in a team because they are convinced that they can finish the job better alone, without any help or assistance.

Compared to the previous generation, they adapt to change faster and more easily. Also, they are able work with the new technologies.

In their early years, the divorce rate rises. That’s why many people from Generation X spent their childhood with only one parent. The concepts such as family, traditions or loyalty aren’t as important for this generation as they were for their parents.

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Generation Y

People from Generation Y were born between 1974 (1975) and 2000. The name Generation Y was first used in Advertising Age magazine and describes the people whose parents are the members of the Baby Boomers generation.

Members of Generation Y don’t have many shared characteristics, it’s the most various generation in history. These people live in a world that’s constantly changing (politically, economically) and have constant access to information.

These people are also more optimistic and self-confident. But according to earlier generations, they are arrogant, lazy, spoiled and irresponsible. On the other side they are economically very active, require a higher standard of living, they want to be responsible for their personal lives and relationships.

Members of this generation know very well they live in an ever changing world and they want to enjoy all the interesting moments in their lives.

Generation Z (Millennials)

This is the youngest generation of people who were born from 1995 to 2010. It’s the newest generation and for the time being we don’t know many of their shared characteristics.

But we can already say it will be the generation of new technologies and new political movements which have formed in the last 10 years and which will probably have an influence in the future of the Millennials.

Life of people of Generation Z is highly connected with communication technologies and social networks. Due to modern technologies, our lives pass very quickly and all the thoughts are immediately shared with the friends and family.

Generation Z works mostly part-time because its members want to spend as much time as they can with their loves ones. Work is no longer a priority, but only means to earn enough money to lead a normal life. On the other hand, members of this generation are less empathetic. They also need a lot of freedom, even in their jobs. They don’t like to sit in the office from 9 to 5 pm and prefer an informal working environment.

The next generation?

What do you think your babies will do in their lives? What will their values and thoughts be? If you have any ideas, share them in the comments.