Unsafe foods for dogs: What treats should you avoid?

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There are some foods which you can enjoy with your dog, letting him eat a bite once in a while. But there are certain foods you should avoid feeding your dog at all costs. Most of us have heard that chocolate is dog poison and we should never give our furry friends chocolate human sweets. But what about other foods, foods that seem harmless? Let’s find out!


Coffee is a great way to start the day if you have two legs, but for our 4-legged friends, coffee poses a major threat. Coffee, just like chocolate, contains methylxanthines that cause diarrhea and vomiting when ingested by dogs.

Grapes and raisins

Whilst most fruits and vegetables are a welcome treat for dogs, avoid feeding your pet grapes and raisins. Grapes have been proven to cause kidney damage and other toxic reactions in dogs, although the exact substance causing the reaction is yet unknown. This reaction can come at any age, breed or gender, so avoid giving your dog even small amounts.

Onion, garlic, chives

Onion, garlic and chives – great ways to spice up human food. The toxic substance in these foods is called allium and can cause serious damage to red blood cells, making them unable to carry oxygen. Dogs eating foods containing allium can suffer from anemia, which can in serious cases lead to internal organ damage or death. Spice up your dog’s life with your love and affection, and keep the garlic to yourself!

Salty snack foods

Large amounts of salt are not healthy for you and neither are they for your dog! Large amounts of salt from salty snack foods can lead to thirst and excessive urination. Avoid feeding things like popcorn and chips to your pet to avoid sodium poisoning.

Yeast dough

And finally yeast dough. It can rise and cause gas to accumulate in the stomach of your dog. This can lead to bloating and potential twisting, meaning your pet might need medical help because it‘s a life threatening emergency. Yeast also produces ethanol as a by-product from sugar and may cause your dog to become drunk.

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What safe foods do you give to your dog? Tell us in the comments.