Week 13 – 16 of your pregnancy: What to expect?

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The beginning of something new is always a unique life experience. This absolutely strikes home when it comes to pregnancy. Every new mother is curious to know about the process. That’s why we prepared a series about the weeks of pregnancy.

After the periods between week one to week four, between weeks five through eight and between weeks nine and twelve let’s continue with weeks 13 through 16.

Week 13

Your 4th month starts now! Your baby is around 6 – 8 cm and can have up to 20 grams. He can move his head and open his mouth. The head has been prominently bigger until now, but at week 13, the body is starting to catch up and become more proportional to the head. Your baby can now move inside you with his arms and legs but you won’t be able to feel it just yet.

Get used to all the attention, momma! Your belly is getting rounder and everyone can now see that you’re pregnant.

Week 14

Do you feel better now (physically, mentally)? We guess you do! Mothers tell us the period from the beginning of the four month is one of the most beautiful periods of pregnancy.

Your baby’s size is now about 8-9 cm now and can have up to 25 grams. Your baby begins to move his limbs and can also make certain expressions, mastering the muscles on his face. Your baby’s reproductive organs are also starting to develop, girl’s eggs will have developed now and boy’s prostate gland is in development.

Week 15

By now, all internal organs of your baby work as expected. Your baby moves freely in the womb, but you can’t still feel it just yet. Your baby is also starting to grow hair, on his head as well as eyebrows and eyelashes. The body is still covered with fine hair called lanugo for protection against amniotic fluid. Your baby’s hearing is also fully developed so you can play him some music.

Nosebleeds are quite common during this stage of pregnancy due to the amount of blood your body has to produce to keep up with the pregnancy. Make sure you eat enough iron in your diet to keep up with red blood cell production.

Week 16

Your baby is about 11 cm in size and weighs almost 80 grams. His bones are stronger and stronger and he is very active now. He is moving from one side to the other, kicking and rolling. If you’re lucky enough, you may feel it for the first time. The first time you can feel the baby kicking is between week 16 and 22.

You’re well into your second trimester now and most of the first trimester symptoms should have dissipated by now. You might start to feel stretching in your navel area as your belly grows because of round ligaments stretching to protect your uterus.