Week 29 – 32 of your pregnancy: What to expect?

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The beginning of something new is always a unique life experience. This absolutely strikes home when it comes to pregnancy. Every new mother is curious to know about the process. That’s why we prepared a series about the weeks of pregnancy.

After the previous periods, let’s continue with weeks 29 through 32.

Week 29

The eight month of your pregnancy begins, exciting, right? In the next weeks your baby starts to change positions. At the end of that change he will end up with his head downwards and be prepared for birth. He has around 26 centimeters in size and 1,25 kilograms. It’s good to monitor fetal movement and the frequency with which it happens.

The third trimester will probably leave you tired and fatigued. The baby is very active, kicking and moving around and this puts that much extra strain on your body. Your diaphragm and stomach are pushed up due to the expanding uterus causing shortness of breath and heartburn.

Week 30

The uterus becomes a very small place for your baby. From this week you start to visit your doctor more often than in the previous weeks. Your baby has around 27 centimeters and 1,3 kilos. His bones are stronger and stronger and you could feel the painful kicks because he’s trying his legs.

You may find yourself very emotional as well as moody and anxious. You should have gained about 25 – 35 pounds by now and you’ll keep on gaining about a pound a week.

Week 31

Your baby reacts to sounds by moving his body. He sleeps most of the day but when he’s not sleeping, his eyes are open. His weight is higher, now he has around 1,5 kilos. Your baby is also changing color, becoming less red and more the pretty pink baby that you’ll soon give birth to.

As your due date draws closer, you may be more forgetful and anxious, but don’t worry! You’re only thinking about the birth more than normal because it’s getting so close.

Week 32

Your baby is turning upside down and he is preparing for the birth. Your breathing is calmer and your digestive problems seem to disappear. Your baby is now around 29 centimeters and 1,8 kilograms. He sleeps almost all the time (more than 90 percent). When he is awake, he opens and closes his eyes or turns his head. His layer of the soft lanugo hair is also starting to go away.

You’re very likely to have lower back pains as the weight of your uterus and belly pull you down and forward. It’s not a bad thing to start using a maternity belt to ease the pain and lessen the strain on your back.