Week 5 – 8 of your pregnancy: What to expect?

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The beginning of something new is always a unique life experience. This absolutely strikes home when it comes to pregnancy. Every new mother is curious to know about the process. That’s why we prepared a series about the weeks of pregnancy. After the period between week one to week four, let’s continue with weeks five through eight. 

Week 5

Your baby is about 1,25 mm and has begun developing. During this week the basics of the eyes, ears and some important organs start to grow. You might just hear; your baby’s heartbeat at the end of this week for the first time. If you haven’t already, start eating foods or supplements with folic acid to help your baby grow better.

This is also the time you may feel physically sick. Morning sickness is common among more than 70 % of women, it should go away by the time your second trimester starts.

Week 6

Your baby’s heart starts to beat and pump blood to his body! The baby is growing rapidly and basic features such as eyes and ears are becoming more developed.

You might feel overwhelmed with all the pregnancy hormones coursing through your body, but don’t worry, this will get better with time. You might feel moodier and more emotional than normal but you’re becoming a mother soon!

Morning sickness is very common, you may find yourself unable to eat your favorite foods because the smell suddenly repulses you. Your belly is starting to grow now and you might feel your breasts start to hurt as they begin to adjust to your pregnancy as well.

Week 7

Your baby’s body is now about 4-8 mm. You can now see a face on the ultrasound and you can also see little arms and legs starting to form. The baby’s internal organs are growing, the baby’s brain becoming more complex.

You may be gaining more weight at this point, but people around you still won’t be able to tell – unless you decide to tell them yourself! The changes in weight gain may not be as prominent if you’re experiencing morning sickness. Don’t worry if you lose a few pounds, that’s completely normal – you will gain them later on when you can stomach more food.

Your baby is at its most vulnerable right about now so try to be even more careful than usual. Keep eating folic acid and other nutritional foods and avoid any unnecessary risks.

Week 8

The basis for organs in your baby’s body has developed by now and his head is much bigger in size than his body due to the fast developing brain. Fingers and toes are also beginning to develop from the arm and leg buds, and the baby can also flex its wrists and elbows from now on.

You can experience tiredness and weariness at this point, making your sleep worse. Your uterus is expanding fast and this may cause cramping or contraction-like pains. If you haven’t been to a doctor yet, now is the right time to call him and undergo your first gynecological examination. Always consult your doctor of you feel something’s going wrong!