Week 9 – 12 of your pregnancy: What to expect?

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The beginning of something new is always a unique life experience. This absolutely strikes home when it comes to pregnancy. Every new mother is curious to know about the process. That’s why we prepared a series about the weeks of pregnancy. After the period between week one to week four and between weeks five through eight, let’s continue with weeks nine through twelve.

Week 9

You’re at the start of your 3rd month, congratulations! Your baby is growing very quickly right now. Your baby is getting a more human shape at week 9. The baby’s head is still larger than the body and its eyes are fully developed. The size of the baby at week 9 is 22 – 30 mm and looks more and more as a tiny human.

Your belly is growing because your womb is growing as well and the changes may become apparent even to those you haven’t told about your pregnancy. What’s important, your body temperature is higher than before, constantly around 37 °C.

Week 10

Your baby measures 31 – 42 mm and his weights is around 5 grams. As each week goes by, the embryo grows more signs of becoming a baby with its form – the brain is growing very quickly, the eyes and ears are clearly visible and all internal organs have developed by this point and are beginning to function. In spite of the extremely quick growing your baby has done in the last 10 weeks, you still won’t be able to tell the sex of the baby.

One of the most prominent changes is the volume of blood you produce during pregnancy which is about 50 % more than normal. Your uterus grows as well as nourishes your baby and your body has to carry more oxygen to make this possible. You may find your heart beating faster because of this, but don’t worry, everything’s just fine!

Week 11

Your first trimester is officially over, congratulations! We recommend telling friends and family about your pregnancy at this point because the most critical part of your baby’s organ development is over. From now on, your baby will grow very rapidly, usually doubling in size by the next week. Reproductive organs are becoming more distinguished.

Your uterus has expanded so much that it can no longer fit into your pelvic area and starts to slowly rise, making your baby bump visible to the world.

Week 12

Your baby can clench fists, open their mouth or gulp. You can finally tell if you’re having a boy or a girl. You baby now feeds off the placenta.

You may feel slightly better than before with the morning sickness almost always gone at this point and you get your energy back.

Tip for you: Be careful when you move too quickly (for example getting up from a chair). Your blood pressure is changing quickly and you might get dizzy and disoriented.