September 13, 2016

Privacy policy

Family account

If you buy a Family account in-app purchase item in Senior Monitor, you are required to create a Family Account using your email address and password. Your email address and password are stored securely on our servers and used exclusively by the Senior Monitor app.

Pictures and other data

Pictures of your loved ones, their names, activity logs (for example their active and quiet times) and other relevant pieces of information are stored securely on our servers and used exclusively by the Annie Baby Monitor app.

Use of Personal Data

We assure you that protection of your personal data and all of the data is an absolute priority for us. Only employees of our company with a strictly specified authorization have an access to your personal data. The rules for the allocation of rights together with the rights for access and handling the data are controlled by the regularly authorized directions and procedures. In no case we provide third parties with your personal data without your consent. The only exception is the data transfer to authorized authorities in accordance with generally binding legislation, especially based on the request of the Police of the Czech Republic or courts. As a provider we are also entitled to interrupt your service and access to your data in case of exposing ourselves, our employees or other people to the risk of criminal responsibility, or if you do not follow up your commitments towards our company in the agreed time. These measures are however used only in extreme cases and they are to limit possible negative impacts arising from illegitimate operation of the service.

Information Security and Accuracy

We intend to protect your personal data and the data stored in our systems in agreement with proven methods for information protection. We are constantly improving and implement state-of-the-art technical, physical and administrative protective measures to help to protect your personal information, data and collected information from unauthorized use.

This privacy policy is subject to change without notice and was last updated on May 24th 2016. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly at


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