Feel-good pregnancy tips

Exercise Why is it so important to stay active during your pregnancy? Physical activity will give you a boost of energy. You’ll feel more comfortable, fresh and stress free. You also need to strengthen your muscles to prevent back problems, for easier childbirth and better body recovering after childbirth. It’s not necessary to be the[…]

Word AUTISM with kids shoes on wooden background

Autistic children: How to tell your child might be autistic

You can never know beforehand how you might feel when you suspect your son or daughter might have autism spectrum disorder. You may feel heartbroken and that’s completely okay or you can be relieved that you finally know what’s going on. Most likely, it will be a mix of these two feelings, often accompanied by feelings of guilt and most likely a whole number of questions. Let’s try to quench that question thirst and provide you with some answers and advice. […]

baby sci-fi and fantasy names

Fantasy and sci-fi names: 30 inspired girl names from the best movies, books and TV series

Do you love fantasy and sci-fi books or movies? Would you like to call your baby by the names you know from legendary fantasy sagas or popular sci-fi series? Read about the most interesting fantasy and sci-fi girl names for your baby. In the following list, you’ll find the names from Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings trilogy or the phenomenal Harry Potter books. […]