Three mothers have a good time with three daughters outdoors

Who was the youngest mother in the world? 9 interesting facts about mothers and babies

After interesting facts from animal’s world we have also many interesting facts about maternity, mothers, their babies and families for you. Did you know, for example, how many babies can be born to one mother? Or which really famous people were premature babies? Or who was the youngest mother in the world? You can read all this information and more in this infographic: […]

hands holding paper house with lock

How to keep your home safe with Home Security Monitor?

Few weeks ago we developed a new mobile application called Home Security Monitor. Thanks our developers it has become the next Apps by Annie app (besides Baby Monitor, Pet Monitor, Senior Monitor, Relax Melodies or Baby Names). Maybe you know about it already, maybe you haven’t heard the news just yet. If you didn’t, let us tell you 7 big advantages of security monitoring with Home Security Monitor: […]

First Aid: What every parent should know about treating burns

First aid: Unresponsive but still breathing and unresposive and not breathing baby

Do you know how to save your baby’s life? Are you sure what to do first? It’s really important to be sure in what you’re doing in the critical moments when your decision plays a crucial role. If you’re not sure, read the articles from our series Improve Your Skills: First Aid about first aid for babies and children. […]

Child lovingly embraces his pet dog, a blue heeler

Pets: Interesting facts from the animal world

Central and South America is home to the most pets and the least number of pets can be found in Asia. When men want pets, they are more likely to pick out a fish than women are. Birds are the most beloved pets in Turkey, whilst in Russia and France, dogs and cats are preferred. Do you want to know more? Take a look with us at some interesting facts from the life of pets. […]