May 29, 2017

Heart Rate Monitor: Pulse & Cardio Instant Measure

Heart Rate MonitorYour physical and mental condition can be easily determined by your pulse – and Heart Rate Monitor is there to make it ever so easy. Whether you’re an experienced athlete, wanting to get in shape before the summer or just curious about your overall health, this app will save you a great deal of trouble.

Track your heart beat when you wake up, before and after exercising or even during a workout. Over time, you will see what your resting heart rate is and how hard you should train in order to burn the maximum amount of calories and build your fitness level.

All you have to do is cover your camera lens and flash with your finger, and let Heart Rate Monitor give you a direct, accurate, and reliable measurement of your heart rate.


  • Measure your heart rate with your phone’s camera, no additional accessories needed
  • Reminder you can set to help you remember to measure your heartbeat every day
  • Activity tags for each measurement including level of happiness
  • Graphs (cardiographs) illustrating your heart beat over time
  • Training heart rate zones to help you maximize you training
  • Supports Apple Health


This app is intended for recreational and fitness purposes only. It does not, in any case, replace medical care from a licensed professional and should not be used for medical diagnosis.